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Advertise your site on the Bikini Promote Network! We have been running bikini sites since 1999 and have an established traffic base. Some of the biggest names in the swimsuit industry have advertised with us for many years !

We welcome advertisers in fields such as swimsuit/lingerie/clothing producers, bikini photography, etc. Any product that is legal and non nude.

✔️ All our advertising spots are fixed. This gives you the best possible exposure and least chance of being blocked by ad blockers

✔️ Your ad will be on hundreds of pages on,,,,,, .

Advertising Options:   Fixed Square  –  Fixed Top Grid  –  Fixed Bottom Grid

✔️ Fixed Square Plan : 3 spots (available spot)

Location: Sidebar – Graphic Size: 250 pixels high and 300 pixels wide.

– 30 days for $100.00 – $275 for Three Months.

✔️ Top Grid Fixed Plan : 6 spots (please contact for availability)

Location: Above content – Graphic Size: 150 pixels high and 150 pixels wide.

Sample Ad:

✔️ Fixed Grid Bottom Plan: 4 spots (available spot)

Location: Bottom of sites below content.

Location: Below content – Graphic Size: 250 pixels high and 250 pixels wide.

Sample Ad:
Bikinis so small that
some people think they
should be illegal!

– 30 days of fixed position for $100.00 – $275 for Three Months

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Payment options

PayPal is the preferred choice but check is accepted as well.

How long does it take for a campaign to be set up ?

Once payment for your campaign is made, you will be set up within a few hours.

Can I have nudity in my banners ?


Please submit the form below so your site can be reviewed to make sure it meets requirements.

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