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Advertising Solutions!

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Advertise your site for as little as 2 dollars a day !

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Bikini Promote is all about promoting bikinis! One way to do this is by advertising on our affiliated sites. We have been running bikini sites since 1999 and have an established traffic base from search engines, bookmarkers, cross promotion, and social media.

Some of the biggest names in the industry have used our advertising solutions such as Micro Kitten, DC Swimwear, Malibu Strings and more !

We welcome advertisers in fields such as swimsuit/lingerie/clothing producers, bikini photography paysites, and pharmaceuticals. Any product that is non nude and would appeal to largely a male audiance.

Advertising Options:   Banner  –  Square “Magazine”  –  Fixed Top Grid  –  Fixed Bottom Grid

Standard Banner Plan : 7 campaigns in rotation (available spots)

(This spot is shown on the top of,,,,,,,

Banner dimensions for this plan are now 728×90

– 30 days of unlimited adviews for $70.00 – $175 for three months.

Approx Ad Views : 15,000 p/day.

Approx Ad Clicks : A CTR of 1% will produce 150 clicks p/day.

Square ‘Magazine’ Plan : (available spots)

(This spot is shown on,,,,,,,

Banner dimensions 250 pxels high and 300 pixels wide.

– 30 days of unlimited adviews for $60.00 – $150 for three months

Top Grid Fixed Spot : (1 available spot)

Now you can get the maximum amount of exposure for your site with this new fixed spot!

(This ad is shown on,,,,,,,


Florida Bikinis

Sexy Micro Thong Pics !

– 30 days of fixed position for $300.00

Approx Ad Clicks : This spot is new and in early tests the pictures have been getting clicked at a peak around 800 times per day.

Fixed Spot Bottom : (available spot)

Now you can get the maximum amount of exposure for your site with this new fixed spot! Ad stays in place, no rotating.

(This ad is shown on bottom of,,,,,,


Site Name

– 30 days of fixed position for $100.00 – $275 for three months

– Frequently Asked Questions

Payment options

PayPal is the preferred choice but check is accepted as well.

How long does it take for a campaign to be set up ?

Once payment for your campaign is made, you will be set up within a few hours.

Can I use multiple banners ?

For the banner plans you can have up to 4 graphics in your campaign. For fixed spots your graphic will be changed as requested.

Can I use animated banners ?

Not in the fixed spots. The reason being is it would give an unfair advantage over the advertisors who don’t have one.

Can I have nudity in my banners ?


Any other benefits of advertising ?

The fixed spots will help your search engine visibility. Also, we will make sure to help to promote you via our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Please email your site info to to get started!

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